Sea tides that sing our pride. 
A nation loved by mother nature here, 
Divinity and diversity stretches wide. 
A land that once shed more blood
Than sweat. The tenacity of its people
Echoed throughout the world. 
Freeing their chains, they soared. 
We owe our freedom to the fighters
Who now rest on Bharat Mata’s lap.
Even in death, their conviction roared.
We remember their bloodshed and bravery 
Once a year, not just a token of gratitude.
Raised to respect our nation with our 
Unparalleled patriotic attitude. 
Following the footsteps of our ancestors, 
We grew to be leaders of great magnitude. 
Our passion grows, our talent shows. 
Every corner of the world we glow.
We paint the tricolors wherever we go.

Surya Narayanan R 
Final Year – B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT)