“I can’t believe it is KCT,” exclaimed Mr. B Karthikeyan in his acceptance speech for Entrepreneurial Excellence Award. Back in his day, in 1992 the infrastructure had been humbling – outside Coimbatore proper and just 4 sheds to the eyes. Now Kumaraguru stands majestic with six blocks, four cafeterias, 4000+ trees, 65+ bird species (have you read this stat somewhere?), and visible for miles around, the Admin block (our little mini-taj mahal) and the Orb. “A complete transformation,” as the executive director of Thriveni Earthmovers put it.

Alumni interacting with students at the Orb.

The Global Alumni Meet 2023 brought back nearly 40 years of reminiscing Alumni; who were treated to a delightful set of events. Department associations took it upon themselves to conduct mini-event and games. The clubs and forums held an expo while alumni sports league breathed life into the grounds. Alumni Awards honoured distinguished lives while young entrepreneurs presented at the Orb. 

One such innovator is Madhumitha Haresh, Founder of Earth Care Biotech. The biotech graduate now leads a company manufacturing organic cleaning solutions. Farm-made foods was another company at the stall. Founded by Mr. Ram Mohan, a mechanical engineer by education is now focused on coconut-based edible products. 

As a student of the institution, when stepping into the alumni the environment was welcoming, faces dazzling with surreal emotions. Faces unfamiliar yet familiar; their hard emotions hung in air. With their beloved families, they cherished their memories once again. I was reminded, after ten years, I would be in their place. 

Between the food stalls, and the music by band Agratha, “We returned to live our old life for a day without worrying about reality,” said Mrs. Jeevita, one of the returnees. To revisit their olden golden days, from all corners of this round world they returned for a day to their home where it all began. Recollecting the memories, creating some anew. They left the campus, faces full of smiles and heavy hearts. A memorable day in their dairy.

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