While the rest of the world is fighting a tough battle against the Pandemic, the students of Kumaraguru Institutions join the Jugaad bandwagon promoting frugal indigenous innovation by building a greener and cleaner electric scooter. The Scientific community across the globe is grappling to control and reduce vehicular emissions and in their mission forward have found electric vehicles to be the best possible alternate to reduce the carbon foot print.

India’s 2040 electric vehicle mission aims to promote the production of hybrid vehicles and reduce the petrol- and diesel-powered automotive. Building zero-emission mobility in large campuses has been a long term research interest for many automotive enthusiasts and stung by the creative bug, Ré, the Students’ Research and Exploration Wing and Garage, Product Development – Research Centre of the automotive sector of KCT came together to design a compact, weightless electric scooter, “Duo V1.1” that runs at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour. This electric vehicle has simpler Chassis design, very less parts compared to other scooters, optimised parts for weight reduction and 3d printed parts. The team did come across challenges that are manifold in terms of efficiency, durability, cost, maintenance etc… But the tireless effort and unwavering commitment and dedication along with their technical expertise prodded them to realise their dream.


Capacity: 350W 48V Electric Hub motor

Battery used: Lithium Ion 48V 15 Ah

Range: 25 Kms

Top speed: 27 km/hr

Time for full charge: 2.5 Hrs (With 48V 3 Amps charger)

Electricity consumed for a full charge: 0.6 units

Cost associated for full charge: Rs 5/-

The team behind Duo V1.1 that huddled to design this low cost, weightless electric bike is happy to have contributed their share to the mission of transforming KCT into a carbon neutral campus.  After successfully crafting the basic model, the team is busily engaged in their Phase II research to improve ergonomics, optimize design and materials, and install smart card access and vehicle tracking system. The automotive research wing of Kumaraguru Institutions have done their share in tune with Elon Musk, who said, ““We will not stop until every car on the road is electric.”