In this space we’d like to share our experiences we gained by participating in SAEINDIA SUPRA ’19, at BUDDH INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT, NOIDA. The event was held from 15th to 20th JULY,2019. About 127 teams from various parts of the country participated in the event and it provided a great platform for knowledge transfer and also helped us in learning different approach in fabricating a car.

The registration day. The teams registered for the events and ID cards were issued. The car was taken to the pit and the pit was setup. The Technical Inspection was conducted in the following day. Our car went for Technical inspection and we were instructed to correct some mistakes, and by the end of the day we managed to clear the Technical Inspection, becoming the first team from Tamil Nadu to clear the round.

In the succeeding day, our car was weighed, and we cleared the tilt test, and our drivers managed to clear egress test in style. We further moved to noise test, and before taking an attempt we faced issues in electrical wiring and we had to remove the entire wiring and fix it. A special mention to “Team Illuminati Racers (LPU) ” for helping us sort out the wiring issue.We managed to overcome the issue, and cleared the noise test.

The next day , we couldn’t complete the brake test on our first attempt. We sorted out the issue in the braking system and completed the brake test and qualified for the Endurance round. Proceeding with the dynamic events, we finished our Acceleration round, Skidpad round where our drivers should drive in figure of 8.Simultaneously the statics team completed BUSINESS PRESENTATION, DESIGN EVALUATION, and COST REPORT.

On Day 4, We completed the two Autocross runs in a slightly damp track and managed to set the 5th fastest time courtesy of great lap from one of our drivers. Out of 127 teams only around 30 teams qualified for the Endurance round.

On the last day of the event, all the qualified cars were lined and fueled up on the track for the endurance in India’s only F1 track. One final check was done by scrutineers before the run.The most important 22 km was waiting in front of us. Our car showcased an excellent performance, special mentions for our drivers who drove absolutely brilliant and completed the endurance for the first time in the history of Team Sakthi Racing. It was indeed a proud moment for the team and more than 130 students who has been part of the journey since 2014,The whole team chanted “TSR” in joy across the main stands of the Buddh International circuit.

We were very glad when we checked the results. Our team was positioned Overall 8th out of 127 teams, and we were also 2nd in SOUTH INDIA.It was great interacting with many teams from various parts of the country and congratulations to Veloce Racing, Pune for taking the victory. We are happy to realize that we totally deserve the position and definitely push for higher positions in the upcoming years.