“Gardening” involves the new normal in our family now. Having shifted to a new base with good extra space, we decided to grow plants and over the past four months have with a feeling of happiness and pride, watch them grow and give yields. We started with some simple plants like microgreens, turmeric, ginger and when they grew successfully, expanded with half-a-dozen vegetables. Many plants, we learnt, grew fine and well without much interference, strengthening out belief in “Atmanirbhar” plants. Whereas there were others, which made us quite like anxious parents, constantly worried about their growth and disease. When we grew a bit more confident, we have started with lentils, legumes and some daily use medicinal plants. It has given us a new lease of energy, insight and curiosity and has made our life refreshingly more beautiful and purposeful, whether as a hobby or passion gardening, fills our time not just with reason and intention, but fulfils our day with appealing charm and life.