The World Science Day is celebrated on November 10th and it is the ideal time to share about the latest innovations and contributions in Science and Technology. As quoted “Mathematics is the Queen of science”, the glimpses of 21st Century innovations and contributions to the world in the Mathematics Field is presented below. 

  •  Mrs. Shakuntala Devi’s Guinness World Record book.  Guinness World Record honored Indian math genius Mrs. Shakuntala Devi with the long overdue record title for fastest human computation as “Human Computer”. She achieved this feat at Imperial College, London, UK on June 18, 1980 after four decades.  
  • K.V.Sarma Research Foundation in Adayar had decoded the rare ancient manuscripts using algebraic equations. 
  • Seismic (Rayleigh) waves commonly associated with earthquakes, have been used by the mathematicians of the University of Birmingham to develop a “Universal Scaling law for the sense of touch”. 
  • Researchers at the University of Delaware and the University of Massachusetts have published a new approach to artificial intelligence that builds uncertainty, error, physical laws and expert knowledge. 
  • Dr.Kadri’s from Cardiff University a mathematician developed a new method for testing called “Pooling” uses simple algebraic equations to identify positive sample in tests and takes of COVID19. 
  • Fairy circles are one of nature’s greatest enigmas and most visually stunning phenomena. The researcher’s showed that the grasses that make up these patterns act as “Eco-Engineers”, keeping the eco system functioning normal. 
  • The researchers have discovered a mathematical tool which can select the best sensors for recovering black box in an aircraft. 
  • The researchers have found a mathematical measure to repair birth injuries of a child during the pregnancy in a women, to improve Solar-cell efficiency, to improve ancient civilization, etc…. 

Great salute to all the mathematicians who had strived hard and still trying hard to make their research findings useful to the Society in all needs.