Mahakavi Bharathiar Statue Unveiled at Kumaraguru Campus

A grand statue of Mahakavi Bharathiar was unveiled at the Kumaraguru campus as part of the Centenary Celebrations of the Founder Dr. N Mahalingam on Saturday. The statue erected in front of Dr. Mahalingam Vigyan Bhavan (Admin Block) was unveiled by the students of Kumaraguru in the presence of renowned poet and writer, two-time Sahitya Akademi Award winner, Padma Shri Sirpi Balasubramaniam. Delivering the presidential address, Dr. B K Krishnraj Vanavarayar, Chairman, Kumaraguru Institutions said that the campus already has the statue of Swami Vivekananda and now Bharathiar statue has been unveiled. “The younger generation may not know about these great personalities. By raising these statues, we believe that students will gain inspiration from the lives of these great personalities and work for the progress of the society,” he said. The Chairman said that students come to reputed institutions to gain degrees, subsequently get jobs in reputed organizations and progress in life. This alone shouldn’t be the only purpose in life. “Students should work for the progress of society. They should give back to the society which has uplifted them and that is where lives of such great personalities come into play. All their lives, Swami Vivekananda and Mahakavi Bharathiar have been stressing on the role of youth in uplifting the society,” he said. Delivering a special address at the event, Padma Shri Sirpi Balasubramaniam said he wrote a poem on Mahakavi Bharathiar long back and today he is here for the unveiling of his statue at the Kumaraguru campus. We are living in an era where computer is writing poems, he said while referring to the conversational AI model, ChatGPT. “ChatGPT says that Tamil is the oldest language. Mahakavi is known for saying modern thoughts using this oldest language of the world,” he said. Though Bharathiar lived a century back when the society was not influenced by scientific inventions. But he gave importance to science in his creations and wanted people to gain industrial education to progress in life. Similarly, he was equally spiritual in his writing and also highlighting the shortcoming in the society with this progressive writing. He said Mahakavi was a social scientist. This statue creates an opportunity for students to remember Mahakavi, understand the in depth meaning of his writing and achieve progress by implementing in their lives.

Mahatma Gandhi Merit Scholarship (MGS)

This year, close to 1300 students received the Mahatma Gandhi Merit Scholarship (MGS) of Rs 1.3 Crore for excellence in Academics and Extra Curricular activities. Mr Devarajan Chinnusamy, Managing Director of URC constructions private limited was the chief guest of the event who congratulated the students receiving the scholarship. Arutchelvar valued the pursuit of merit, perseverance, and achievements in students greatly and was keen on nurturing these attributes in them. It was in this light that the idea of the Mahatma Gandhi Merit Scholarship was conceived during 2006-07. Since then, Kumaraguru Institutions has rewarded thousands of its students with a scholarship of Rs 10000 each, based on various aspects of their performance in academics, sports and other achievements.

Employee Service Recognition and Svarasa

The birth anniversary of Dr. N Mahalingam is celebrated on March 21 and the celebrations continued in the subsequent days with a series of events. On March 21, Kumaraguru Institutions recognized the committed service of teaching and non-teaching staff who have been contributing to the progress of the institution for over 10, 20, and even more than 30 years. Over 230 staff were recognized with certificates of appreciation by the Chairman, Kumaraguru Institutions Dr. B K Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, and Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions Shri Shankar Vanavarayar. Marking the centenary celebrations, on the same day, in the evening, Svarasa – a musical celebration was organized at the campus where noted violinist Binesh Babu performed at the campus.

Agaval Parayanam

Kumaraguru Institutions celebrates the extraordinary life of its Founder Arutchelvar Dr. N.Mahalingam Ayya on 21 March 2023 Founder’s Day which also marks the centenary year of Ayya who lived a life of values and ideals with purpose and vision to impact the world. Agaval Parayanam is recitation of hymns by Sanmargies to portray Arutchelvar Ayya’s legacy and his devotion towards Arutprakasa Vallalar.