Yugam creates a platform for technocrats, sports enthusiasts, and artists to display their talents. It also provides an avenue for workshops, endless entertainment, and bustling stalls to enthuse the masses. Yugam has made significant resonance under many themes like ‘Empowering women’, ‘Circle’, ‘Time’, ‘Infinity’, and ‘Reincarnate’. Kumaraguru’s flagship events and momentous celebrations are back with the 11th edition of Yugam along with the theme “TRANSCEND” to magnify its impact. The theme symbolizes the progress in addressing the impact of climate change and our collective efforts to overcome vulnerability. With more than 10,000 participants from 150+ colleges each year, Kumaraguru hosts more than 100+ events and 60+ workshops to give students a tremendous platform to showcase their expertise.  


Inspire India Youth Conclave aims to stimulate the revolutionary exchange of viewpoints and envisages bringing forth the brightest of minds to drive a collaborative interest for growth through panel discussions, workshops, and monologues.  A wide variation of sectors are being represented as part of IIYC this year including mental health, sports, sustainability, education, entrepreneurship, etc. 


E-Grid is a National Electric Vehicle Conclave that aspires to provide insights and awareness about the EV industry and nurture young minds into becoming EV enthusiasts. This is meticulously curated educate students about the industrial workflow used to envision, design, and produce electric automotive components, and vehicles. This four-day conclave comprises expert talks, EV masterclasses, panel discussions, student project expos, an industrial visit, RC racing, vehicle launches and much more. Each day has a specialized theme: 

Day 0 EV Start up – Opportunity & Challenges 
Day 1  Automotive Drivetrain 
Day 2  Electric Mobility 
Day 3  Sustainable Mobility 


Defence Career Expo has a simple yet a precise objective, to show that the nation’s armed forces offer an array of opportunities to the youth of the nation and are entitled to India’s most exciting place to work. The victories of the armed forces, unlike in the past, are not merely dependent on the men but also on their artilleries and the advancement in scientific technologies. A spectrum of the vibrant life in the defence is brought to the youth! 


Giving is the essence of life. The crux of fulfilment is contributing to society, and Kumaraguru nurtures that contentment through Socio Constant. is striving to increase awareness of climate change by promoting the sustainable development goal of ‘Climate action’. Along with year-long impact projects of Kumaraguru, the main missions of Socio Constant ’23 are – Mission LiFE – a drive to move towards a sustainable living, Mission தினை – an initiative to promote the International Millet year and Mission விதை – an effort to preserve and gather seeds to highlight the value of plants. 


Angadi is a student run trade fair extensively curated, developed and implemented by the students of KCT Business School that offers hands-on experience. More than 80 stalls are setup every year for passionate student entrepreneurs, NGOs, Start-ups, Government organization and MNCs. Angadi 2023 is all set to exhibit products from a variety of categories, including food and beverages, accessories, electronics, handicrafts, clothing, promo stalls, games, and stationeries. 


Agam forum of Kumaraguru Institution presents Thulir’23, a National Level Yogasana championship. Asanas attune the body to meditation, just as guitars tuned before a performance! Yugam ‘23 will host yoga seminars, events, and activities for students to revitalise their souls. 


Yugam India Ideathon of Kumaraguru institutions in association with Forge presents a 74 hours ideathon, to build a community of problem solvers and identify the unique ideas that can make a difference to the broader community. It provides a platform to develop an active community that will learn from each other and work together a common goal to raise public awareness about research and to solve problems.  


Shark Tank is a major business pitch competition where student entrepreneurs and college start-ups from all over India will participate to stand a chance to win investments, prize money, mentoring, and incubation.  


Career Fair Workshops are opportunistic platforms which help the students to hone the key career skills and themes that the recruiters look for. This fair comprises various universities from across the globe and consultancies. 


AISA has successfully offered a venue for aspiring short filmmakers to showcase their skills in a range of fields, including cinematography, and direction, for more than 10 years. The Chief Guest of the event from the Film Industry will present prizes to the young, talented participants in several categories based on the abilities they demonstrated.  


Acquainting ourselves with the environment we live in, is the main goal of farming. Kumaraguru Institute of Agriculture presents Agrathon, a national level agriculture based idea presentation focused to identify the problems and develop real-time solutions that can be adopted from the lab to the field, resulting in a revolution . Researchers and students come forward to nurture innovations in the domains of agriculture and allied sectors. 


Yugam Proshow is one of the major highlights of the fest that brings star studded line up of performers to keep the audience on their toes. Proshow celebrates the grand conclusion to the extended, event-filled days and ushers in the true spirit of celebration. Yugam 2023 is all set to present its grandeur “கனா” with Pradeep Kumar, Indian playback singer and music director. An evening of dance titled “The Goddess” will be presented by Smt. Rukmini Vijayakumar, an Indian dance choreographer, Bharatanatyam dancer, and actress. “The Goddess” depicts knowledge and creation, wealth, nourishment and sustenance, strength, power, art, beauty, grace, and kindness, which are all represented by the various goddesses. Yugam 2023 also presents ‘Chemmeen’, one of the most promising upcoming bands in Indian music, to amuse us with a new kind of pulsating music with their unique style and pattern, along with the singari melam team “Attamkala Samithi.” The six-member band and 15 members of the Chenda Melam artists are here to create wonders and offer full-fledged entertainment. 


Yugam ’23 presents E-Sports for all the pro gamers to unveil your gaming adroitness. With contests for PC gamers, Yugam is taking the level a notch higher. E-Sports may not be physically demanding as the physical ones, but it requires as much as or even more understanding of the sport. With the final game scheduled to be live-streamed on YouTube, this is a colossal chance you would not want to miss! The games in E-Sports includes Clash Royale , Valorant , Fornite , Apex Legends, and FIFA 23 – Single & Duo. 


Kumaraguru has always held the quality of Sportsmanship dearly;  It drives one to explore their inherent potential. Marking the spirit of the fest, students from all over the city with their unwavering zest for sports are to showcase their greatness yet again this year. Sports buffs are all set to put up their best game with core values of integrity, perseverance and teamwork coming into play.  


Nova Capture The Flag is a jeopardy style CTF, a cyber quest. This event aims at instilling curiosity among young hackers(students) and encourages them to learn further, try harder and get deeper into the field of cyber security. The challenges in CTF include web, forensic, crypto, binary, reverse and hardware. In this event the participants are expected to obtain the flag which serves as a proof of their exploit. 


Inspired by the IMUN conferences, Yugam presents Econothon to test the reasoning and problem-solving skills of the participants. The event emphasises on the first three stages of the design thinking model – Empathising, Defining and Ideating with a flavour of team spirit. 


Tech Expo 2023 is a platform for exhibiting emerging innovations in major blooming technical aspects answering the challenges of today. This brings up a unique forum for students across India to showcase their prototypes or proof of concepts to the various industries and investors. The categories include: 

1.Artificial Intelligence 
3.Health Tech 
4.Smart Cities and Infrastructure 
5. Electric and Hybrid Vehicle 


A science display serves as a bridge between science and society and helps spread knowledge of the subject while igniting students’ interest. The goal of Junior Science expo is to increase students’ interest in science and technology as well as to instill in them a scientific mindset and a research-mindedness. The participants shall display static and functional models that may be utilised to educate and learn scientific principles, particularly for students in grades 6 to 12. 


The Paper Presentation event aims to bring out situational analysis-based work of students and develop their ability to think out of the box. This will also help the students to gain expertise on the topics and therefore enhance their knowledge and learning. This event is categorised into circuit , non-circuit and life science branches.  


Charisma is an arena to rediscover one’s creativity, personality, and cognition. It’s an exuberant exploration of the beautiful mind that is uniquely crafted with four vivid rounds like creative introduction, personality quiz and cognitive games, rapid fire, and debate. This individual event sets the context for unleashing the participants’ potential in a competitive setting. 


“Float like a Cadillac and Sting like a Bee” 

At the intersection of speed, thrill, and pure skill is the KI Drone Prix, a window to put them to a show. It displays participants’ drone piloting skills to fly over and under our daring track. Participants gear up to “Reap the Reward”!