Expectations exciting the rhythm of morning, the minds being opened and the hall Being composed of curiosity. Being known as the best actress, author, motivator, social entrepreneur and an enthusiastic, energetic and successful woman, Ms. Anu Hasan got hold of the energy and zeal of the gathering. With the warmth of her smile and the confidence of her potential, we would love to share our take aways from the journey we had with her.


By Anu Hasan


“ Silence is not an option.”
Silence is never going to protect you. Speak up. Speak your mind and your opinions. Ask questions. Always do what you think is right not what is easy.

Who are you?”
A student ? An actor? A blogger?
No. This is what other people see you as. Other people do not define who you are. You are who you are. You should know that. Be whatever you want to be! In the process of becoming you, you are definitely going to get beaten up. You are going to face failures.
The thing about failures is that it is ‘not about falling down’ its about ‘getting up’ from it. Failing is like a game of boxing. You get knocked down. But as far as u get up you don’t actually lose, and your opponent doesn’t win. So what may come just keep getting up. Don’t let yourself fail. The opposite of success is not failure. Its actually learn. SUCCESS AND LEARN ! You either succeed or you learn.
To establish your talents and abilities your LOOKS are not way related. Inner beauty does. And what also matters a lot is your POSTURE. Sitting up straight immediately sends a confidence message to your brain even if you are not. Just don’t let others know that. All of you are kings and queens. So chin up. And don’t let the crown slip!

“ Be aware of your weakness. Ignorance is your friend”
Always do prior research before getting into something. When you go for an interview or a conference or anything else firstly you should know about that company or the organisation. That is very important. Its better to know than be a person who pretends to know.
For success , language is not an excuse. Anyone who wants to succeed real bad they definitely will. Communication is important. Not the language. You are insecure about it then speak that language. PRACTICE.PRACTICE.PRACTICE.
When you REALLY want something bad enough….then definitely THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES In helping you get it.

Find your inner Rockstar. And keep that in mind always.”
There are so many qualities and even little things that the people around you appreciate and like in you. That is your inner rockstar. Ask your peers. Find your rockstar. And during times of failure just keep reminding yourself. Everyone has had failures and you have learnt some lessons from them. The question here is whether you want to throw away your failures? Or the wisdom? Or both? Or do you want to keep both of it. Its all in our hands.

Comparisons are pointless”
Everyone is made uniquely. If you compare yourself with someone you are wasting that moment in your life. There is definitely no point. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.

“ Everyone is a genius. But if u judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. It will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
– Albert Einstein

And finally one important message “When someone praises you, take it to heart and when someone criticises you take it to your head.” What others or the society thinks is not who you are. You are who you are.

With experiences and learnings, with powerful words and approach, by explaining your aspirations and dreams, Thank you for taking the stage and giving your valuable time to inspire and impact us.

  1. Anu Hasan