Event date: 15/07/2020-16/07/2020

‘GRAPHIC DESIGN BASICS TUTORIAL’ was the first online workshop conducted by Varnam Club in the year 2020-2021.The event was open for all college students who are interested in learning the basics of graphic design.

It was tutored by our alumni Mr.Pugazhenthi of batch 2019 , textile technology. He is currently working as a textile and graphic designer. He taught the basis of graphic design by using the softwares Adobe illustrator and Adobe photoshop.

On Day 1, He explained about the basic tools used in the adobe illustrator and created a design with the pen tool.The participants got an idea about hoe to design a brand font with the help of some basic tools.

On Day 2, He explained about the basic tools used in adobe photoshop and recreated a design using those tools. Finally, He explained the difference between both the platforms, illustrator and Photoshop.

This event got good response from students from various colleges.Several students from various colleges participated enthusiastically and interacted with the tutor highly.More than 50 students participated in both the days of workshop.

End of the workshop, hopefully the students participated got the better idea about the basics of graphic design. We circulated feedback forms at the end of the session and got good feedbacks from them.