“We the super60ians, are grateful for making us understand the importance of living life to the fullest and being an impact for those who revolve around us and for helping us in finding the point where a failure takes a turn to success”

The doors of dusk opened with the rays of hope carried by Mr. Prashnath Ganesh,  the expert who grabbed the attention of the Super60ians with his approach and words. He is a speaker, an entrepreneur, a motivator and above all a person one among us and a friend sitting next to us we felt as he took us through a ride with his stories. We were given the session scheduled to be taught about ethics and values, and certainly our cultured mind was expecting a well experienced person with presentations and list of principles to fill the corners with oxford pages. But, his just presence without broke our mind barriers of people. His words spun the magic.

Be yourself, and let the world accept you

We have seen people being extremely formal, and made up when they are about to address a gathering. They try to fit themselves within the topics they are about to handle. But his unpretentious approach made us believe that it is the inner talent and inner strength that matters and the world accepts us if we are honest with what we love, what we wish and what we pursue.

Expectations and Comparison

The first and foremost takeaway from the session is that expectation and comparison are the barriers of success. We weren’t taught about this and this wasn’t a description of some proven theory. We went through examples and those success stories. The real life success stories and ideas that worked out in people’s life really inspired us and we were mentally ready to experiment the habit of having very low expectations and to understand and respect the beauty of individuality.

Always observe the little things around you, they can transform you to a greater extend

The main aspect that transformed his life was that he was open to observe little things and get impacted in a positive way. If a random passer-by can change and make us feel the necessity of “Living” in spite of the difficulties, it is extremely important that we have an open mind to understand the goodness around us. This quality inspired us and made us to open our minds as well.

Failure teaches the best lesson

We being the generation, who is scared of failures to be honest, and who break for failures in different ways within us, were motivated by how much a failure can transform and help a person to practise, practise and practise. We learnt to practise constantly without giving up. Be it emotional strength or physical training, all that is you have to be determined. We learn this from your life.

Love towards the motherland

The art works in you that portrayed the love for nation, the way you stood up for the pride of the nation and the continuous efforts you made to impact the young minds by insisting the need to wake up and get ignited by new ideas to transform the society moved us to steps that we haven’t seen yet. We pledged to contribute the best to the nation and above all to hold the pride of being an Indian.

Respect towards women

Behind your successful transformations and successful steps the most inspiring was the way you owed your success to your better half and putting her before you. This gave us the importance of giving women an opportunity to prove their potential. And she was also an inspiring person with the message of never cry before anyone and to stay strong and stay supportive. Her courage that your words expressed stood as role model for us. Your words of “Women should always feel superior and stronger” moved us.


The love you have for the society and the compassion you hold in your life gave us a great message of being responsible for people around us. The smile of the child whom you adopted was visible in your words and we pledged to gift a smile to someone whom we come across.

The Ethics Business and Management

May be this is something that came out with those great stories of successful and simple great people who succeeded in their own way. The necessity of reforming and creating new ideas and being impactful in the race of businesses was clearly explained through experiences. Even if there is no one to support, it is important to stand on our own legs. We understood that “Those who didn’t take risks will work for the growth of someone who takes or took risk.

– Bharathy Kumar, On behalf of all my fellow Super60ians

The enlightened us!