Event date: 24/06/2020-30/06/2020

DESIGN YOUR MASK was the online event conducted by Varnam Club in the year 2020-2021.This event was open for all college students who are interested in art and have creativity skills.

It was an open theme event, which employs usage of sketching/doodling/ painting on a mask or a mask shaped cloth or a mask shaped paper.We uploaded a paper mask making video in our instagram story for a better understanding to the participants.

This event received good response from the students of various colleges. Thirty two students from various colleges participated enthusiastically and sent their artworks to our instagram page.

Based on creativity,attractiveness,efforts made, the winners were selected by our KCT’s alumna and our club’s ex-president,Ms.Muth Periyaval.The first and second places were acquired by Shanmathi and Shruthe respectively.

All the participants were rewarded with e-certificates.This event provided a platform to showcase one’s creativity through their designs.

Written by Rahinidevi, Team Varnam