“It is not about the win. It is never about the finishing line. It is about trying. It is about waking up at 5 am and pushing yourself to go for the run. That is where the victory begins.”

Says Mr. Veilumuthu, an active marathon runner and an executive in Kumaraguru Institutions. At 17 years of age, the fitness enthusiast completed an 18-kilometre marathon. Now 25, his enthusiasm for sports and keenness in physical fitness are his primary driving forces to run marathons. In the future, he sees himself become a coach; encouraging and guiding the younger generations to participate in fitness activities.

After an unfortunate break during his college days spent focusing on his career, the quote, “If one doesn’t spend a period of his time in the ground moving now, then he would have to spend it in medications later” has pushed Veilumuthu to get back to his game. He kicks off his day with an early morning run for about five kilometres before work. This has made running the marathons and maintaining his health much easier. He believes there should be greater awareness on the numerous marathons, both physical and virtual, being held for various causes.

Participation in such events is a contribution to oneself and the society. 1 see differently abled people and elders at 50 to 60 years of age at these events. It inspires me to stop regretting all the opportunities I missed earlier and to focus on what’s next. It is never too late. There will be pain initially, but constant efforts and practise will go a long way.”

Taking a break from work and the digital world by heeding to one’s health and well-being is crucial to build a balance in life. There is more to see in this world beyond the limits of the screen we hold in our hands.

“A little try in the field can give you a great experience. Every little success will surprise you. So try. There is no better time to start than now.” concludes Veilumuthu, to whom we wish our best for his upcoming adventures and a warm future!

– Pranyga C
II year AI&DS
Team Scrabble Kumaraguru