Dream big! Start small !
YUVA launch witnessed exactly that and has kept us all pumped up for the future endeavours. The simple thought that a person believes in each one of us and has entrusted such an act, kept us pushing ourselves to our limits and made this day meaningful and huge.
It all started in a small room at KCT with the most vibrant lot , brainstorming and laying down their vision for a perfect YUVA launch. We all personally felt a sense of ownership towards this event as it was in a way a shout out to the world what this team could accomplish, if given a chance.

Though each of us had a diversified take for this day, we felt united at some point or the other. We all wanted to go big out there and show them what we got. And after a series of intense brainstorming sessions we finally pictured how the day was supposed to unfold.
The day started at 6:30 a.m. , with all of us gathered at racecourse. The crisp morning air definitely had some effect on us. We went around jogging and did something that we normally wouldn’t have dared to. We went about in teams , asking strangers there at Racecourse , questions on nation building. Though the situation was a little tense at the start , it picked up pace and took off. The result of that event was eye-opening in all sense. We came to know the mindset and the attitude of the people of Coimbatore. As the crowd included people from a variety of sectors , the message was also diversified. But the goal was attained and we got exactly what we sought after.
Then we moved on to the next event for the day. This one was the most inspiring and thought provoking one. Transgender achiever Ms.Thasneem , who is mentored by Mrs.Shobana was nothing less than a sheer inspiration to all of us. She shared with us her story and got us all to double check our preconceived notion about transgenders and the homeless. Then we went on to distribute food boxes to the homeless people , which gave us a feeling of satisfaction like no other.
In the meantime , a group of YUVA members went around in college asking questions about nation building to the students and teachers. After answering , they were asked to release helium balloons into the air as a sign of joy and faith .The answers given by them restored our faith in humanity and the future of our nation. It instilled in us a feeling of pride and awe.
We then had the opportunity to interact with a YUVA member,  Mr.Karthick Ram. He gave us insights on how the future events would be like and what role we would be playing in that. It was wonderful to hear that from them and helped us plan on our pitch. The session ended with the two members making their palm prints on a flex sheet with colours along with their signature.
The ritual was also done by all the YUVA members with colourful paints , which marked the beginning of the huge things to come , and the day was ended on a lighter note.
Though it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary. This launch has occurred to each one of us in more than one dimension. The lesson we took home was so profound and motivates us to do more. We feel committed to build the nation holistically in all the ways we can. And our commitment goes a long way from here , as it is just the start.
So cheers to new beginnings !!
Written by,  Priscilla Thomas