First of its kind online gaming event featuring Rocket league which is a popular free cross platform multiplayer game. An opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to showcase and test their skills. All the players will be connected with the organisers and volunteers on discord for any doubts or clarifications. The later stages of the matches will be streamed on discord so that all your friends from anywhere can watch you play. 

The event was of classic duo format, each team had two members and there was random matchmaking which were knockouts. Out of all the participants the team “Clapkez” were on another level they only conceded twice throughout the whole tournament and never scored less than five goals against all opponents. Both the team members were GC’s(Grand Champ) and one of them was a SL(Super Sonic Legend), there are only 19 SL’s in Asia so you might as well  consider him a celebrity at this point.   
So they won first and the second place was secured by “NoobPolice”.