A great way to improve the skills when learning to code is by solving coding challenges. Codeathon, is a Tech Contest for Computer Science enthusiasts with 3 rounds- Tech quiz, Encrypt and Coding Challenge. The event  started by 10.00 AM and it came to an end around 3.15 PM. The first round was Tech Quiz which was conducted in a platform called MySworts and the participants had to answer 30 MCQs in 30 minutes. The questions covered all basic topics in Computer Science domain. The top teams who scored well in Round 1 were progressed to Round 2 called “Encrypt”. Encrypt had 5 questions, each for 10 minutes. Questions were projected and the participants had to answer in Google Forms. Top Teams from Encrypt were selected for the final round “Coding Challenge”. The coding challenge happened in Haccerrank with 5 challenging questions to be solved in 90 minutes. The participants gave a positive feedback as in the questions were really challenging and they had great fun solving them.

The winners of the event were Team Eternals- Barath Kumar, Kirubanand R, Tarun Visva from P.S.G. College of Technology and the runner up was Rohinth from Karpagam College of Engineering. With 282 registrations and 132 participants, Codeathon ended up to become one of the most successful events of Yugam 2021 topping the table.