Selected NCC cadets participate in Youth Exchange Programme which is a country to country exchange of cadets belonging to NCC/ equivalent Govt/ youth organizations of friendly countries. They participate in NCC activities of the host country to create an increased awareness and appreciation of each other’s socio-economic and cultural realities. NCC has a vibrant YEP with 11 countries. The benefits of this programme have been widely acknowledged. Our cadets share a strong bond with our YEP partners. As of now more than 100 cadets proceed abroad on YEP annually.

Selection Process :

YEP selection process is on the guidelines of best cadet competition except for firing which also means that to participate in YEP attending the Republic Day Camp(RDC) is compulsory till date.

Best Cadet Competition involves the following tests :

  1. Written
  2. Firing
  3. Drill
  4. Communication Skills -GD & Extempore
  5. Personal Interview
  6. Participation in RDC events

Based on the above mentioned criteria the All India Merit list is prepared and cadets are delegated to proceed on respective YEP based on the merit.

My journey towards YEP :

Participating in Republic Day Camp as a Best Cadet representative of the Tamil Nadu ,Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar Directorate needs rigorous hard work of 10 camps before the RDC and above all being a best cadet is a responsible job as he serves as the fulcrum of the entire contingent and serving as a bridge between the cultural and drill grouos. A best cadet should take up the responsibilities to perform best at his own events and at the same time should ensure that his team performs at its level best.So,in a simple sentence, one should be a leader to be a best cadet.

My YEP experience :

We learnt a lot from them and also taught a lot to them The exchange of ideas and realisations were large in number.

We had number of classes on the following topics,

  • Weapon training
  • Kolna,jodna of AK 74,Pistol of Makarov
  • Firing AK 74
  • Operations into the forest with all armour,helmet,dogs and guns
  • Fighting Chemical Warfare
  • Greande handling
  • Obstacle training
  • Usage of ropes to transport humans
  • Usage of dogs to identify explosives
  • Psychology
  • Physical education
  • History
  • Mathematics

Also we had many important events like The Russian State Flag day,The India day and the Knowledge day.

Then,We had a great chance to visit many important like

The Perm Parliament,The Military open air museum,The art gallery of Perm,The paleontological museum,The famous chocolate factory,The Kama River,Kungur Ice cave,The souvenirs shop and many best places of the city.

Realisation :

Even though it was a different country, different language, different people, different culture, different food ,the love they gave us proved that hearts can connect without any common means.

Like all of us, even I had learn that India and Russia are very close friends from books and other sources but I realised it in the reality during my YEP with Russia.The warmness that we felt from their care made us feel as if we are in our homeland.

Declaration :

I will make sure that, the recognition I had earnt now and my experience as a youth ambassador from the NCC of India to Russia, is used in a proper and responsible matter ,to bring up some good changes in our society.

The only reason for me to be here now is just because of the positivity I carried from the beginning of the process.