Bharathraj from II year IT/KCT has been an integral part of the Project-Based Learning framework from his first semester. His journey on a whole is truly productive, inspiring, and wholesome. After gaining substantial knowledge in the web development domain, he along with his PBL peers decided to work on the PBL Website with a keen focus on a strong back-end structure that also boosted his exposure and confidence in the Full-Stack Development area.

He is currently working to know more about Blockchain and allied areas of interest for his next PBL project. He proudly says that the learning experience at KCT has provided him an amazing platform to nurture his skills and demonstrate them with a hands-on experience worth a while.

His profile speaks volumes of him being a freelance Web, App, and Software Developer. He has completed his one-month internship as a web developer in Horizon Creative. Currently, this young pioneer is contributing his self-earned knowledge as an intern in the cyber security research sector and the web & app developing sector of INFYE. Simultaneously, he is putting in work towards his two other 6-month internships which include creating a website for an up-and-coming boutique called ATHIRE and a herd management web app for the Sakthi group of companies whose vision is to make farmers lives easier. He is also an ardent Cyber Security Enthusiast.

He often talks about the people who inspired him and how they helped his interest in social volunteering grow. He states that his vision took its form, when he was a kid reading about Abdul Kalam and listening to his biology teacher Dr.Leef talking about all the good deeds done by her trust Eden Charitable Trust to alleviate the society. He talks about how, to bring his NGO vision to life he got a hand from his next inspiration, Mr. Chandran from Chandran’s Yuva foundation. With all this motivation and insight, he finally was able to see his childhood dream come to life and is always excited to motivate and help fellow visionaries get up on their feet.

That being said, he also possesses an avid interest in volunteering and is the managing trustee and founder of the NGO –youngstersgroup where he works closely with orphanages and in providing food and clothes for the poor. During the peak of Covid times, the organization was able to provide Covid relief kits and blankets to the needy. He is enthusiastic about guiding and providing students with internship and start-up advice and ideas. He also has a creative side to him that wants to share his knowledge back to the world through his YouTube videos where he teaches about tech stuff for enthusiasts. Having gained a plethora of knowledge, he embarks further on taking his journey a notch ahead with a Master’s in Cybersecurity.