You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”

Agam Forum Of Kumaraguru Institution proudly collaborates with NCC of Kumaraguru Institution and conducted a event called ” Yogatine series” for NCC cadets of  8 days which happens virtually in the morning 6:30 to 7:30 AM with the help of Agam Forum Members teams to do the demo and voice over for the session ,Where everybody  learned new asana with its benefits and their regular exercises – infused with breathing techniques.

Every day we practice warm up , Surya Namaskar, super brain yoga ,  3 different Asana, eye exercise ,meditation to work on the flow of practice. Since , The day was started with our great practice session , it’s very energetic throughout the day. The sleep cycle and eating pattern was changed during these pandemic times which is rectified and regularized by this session.

This is to bring back our normal life  in the pandemic situations and make ourselves fit mentally and physically to handle the though times . Yoga practice with lot asanas and stretch will make our body flexible and will increase the metabolism when its practiced in the  morning sun which also boosts our immune ,also our moods to fight against diseases.

 Meditation will keep us calm and constructed through out the day . And also meditation helps to relax and calm our chakras , help in keep us emotionally a strong person . Pranayama checks the breathing , increase the oxygen levels and makes our organs healthy. Different breathing practices where given to reduce the stress levels in body . It also help is relaxing our whole body .