“Yoga does not mean just standing on your head or holding your breath,

 It means taking charge of your life”

On the occurrence of TEACHERS DAY 2021, we have planned to conduct YOGA SESSIONS for the entire teaching fraternity of KCT and to spread awareness about yoga in that auspicious day. Initially Agam Forum Of Kumaraguru Institution proudly Invited all the Faculties of KCT to the event called “YOGAM KARPOM SERIES-2” specially made for the wellbeing of teachers. Simply, the YOGAM KARPOM SERIES is the concept of spreading the awareness about YOGA to all the people and especially the young generations. In upcoming months, we will be collaborating with various departments and clubs of Kumaraguru Institutions to spread awareness about this traditional marvel.


The event was planned for 1 hour(5.30PM-6.3PAM) on 19.09.2021 . The session for faculties was handled by our alumni Mis. Varsha SenthilKumar (2020 passed out). The Agenda and flow of exercises were planned quite uniquely and that felt little different from regular yoga sessions. The learning of yoaga asanas were bit fun and the flow was totally different.

The session mainly focused on Relaxation, confidence, physical health and balance in life. The session includes warmup, surya namaskar, asanas, eye exercise and meditation. Participants felt that this session gave them a unique experience and it seems they were rejuvenated. Their mind was relaxed and the meditation really helps them in focusing the thoughts and empowered their concentration. And More than 20 participants got benefited through the session.

At the end She gave some health tips and said about her inspiration to do yoga. The session’s flow was planned to improve the ability of concentration, mental health, and calmness in their soul. Participants enjoyed the session and the meditating activity. The meditating activity would strongly keep them refresh for the entire day. And more than 30 participants got benefited through the session.

The event came to the end and the participants felt that it was more useful for their day to begin with such a positivity and braveness. And we were encouraged to organize more things like this to spread the traditional art of yoga.