“Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, centers attention and sharpens               concentration.”

To create an awareness about this to the students who are crossing lots of activities and works with pressure in their day to day schedules , the AGAM forum bought  an offline event called YOGAM KARPOM, with its third series( YOGAM KARPOM SERIES 3) . This event was a collaboration with the Civil department of kct with Agam forum, where around 25 students participated with great involvement . This being our first offline event after our comeback to campus, held between 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM at GYANASABAHI for all the DA members .

Starting with our prayer , followed by warmups , created a very good impact on students with this positive environment. This, Along with the instructions given at the beginning made them comfortable and excited for the following minutes, where some stress relief asanas were taught and guided throughout the session with demo and instructions . One of the most important yogic practice – SURYA NAMASKAR with 12 yogic poses  was done making them physically and mentally agile . The mandatory part of breathing was maintained correctly throughout the entire practice which provided calmness mentally, making the event very soothing one.

                                     “  A good day starts with  better practice”