Tigers – the beasts of the jungle. On the occasion of the world tigers day, the nature club of kumaraguru in collaboration with Kumaraguru microcosm, Studio KCT and Nigal club of kumaraguru conducted a webinar on wildlife photography.

On the eve of tiger’s day , June 28 , between 5.00 and 6.30 pm the webinar was held utilizing the online zoom platform. Our guest speakers were Ms. Rathika Ramasamy, wildlife photographer and Mr. Gaurav Ramanarayanan, wildlife photographer, founder of wildside travel and photography

The event started by 5.00 pm as planned. Ms. Rathika Ramasamy shared her experiences in the field of wildlife photography and also her thoughts on women being a photographer. Her wonderful presentation came to an end by 5.30 pm. Mr. Gaurav Ramanarayanan extended his personal experiences in capturing the wild cats and the struggles while photographing it. His inspiring presentation ended by 6.20pm. The event withdrew with a vote of thanks by 6.30 pm. Over 25+ participants participated enthusiastically in this event. The overall outcome of this webinar was that the participants were able to acquire knowledge about the wildlife photography and the importance of conservation of the wild cats.