So, you think you can hack!? Certainly YES ! Ethical Hacking is a trending  topic in the technology era. Not merely a cool-sound job but also, it is one of the best career options to have. The primary benefit of ethical hacking is to prevent data from being stolen and misused by malicious attackers, as well as discovering vulnerabilities from an attacker’s POV so that weak points can be fixed.

So the Department Association of Computer Science Engineering organized a workshop on  CYBER SECURITY AND ETHICAL HACKING. This workshop was held on 10/10/2020,saturday between 3pm and 5pm. 40 students took part in that workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Krishna Sharma, an independent cyber security researcher .He’s experienced with all stages of penetration testing, digital  forensics  and  well-versed in numerous programming languages. Addition to that, he has a strong background in project management and customer relations. 

During the workshop, the facilitator hacked a blank website database in real time and reported the problem. Students gained knowledge on how  websites and databases are hacked and topics to be concentrated while developing the same. 

He gave us insights on topics like Social engineering attacks on Facebook and Instagram, Website hacking, Android hacking and hacking web servers.This  knowledge helps in implementing  a  secure  network  that  prevents  security  breaches. 

Thanks for checking this out! I hope you guys will like it! We’ll come back with another interesting topic!

Happy hacking!! 

Written By: VADHANI R K 19BCS066