On behalf of our 74th Independence day, We, the Matrix club of Kumaraguru Institutions, created a virtual cube mosaic, in which nine of our club members made a virtual national flag cube mosaic by solving the patterns given to them.
We then conducted an interesting two-in-one event – “WORD QUEST”.
This event aimed at remembering the important terms and leaders of Indian Independence. The first round of the event was ‘Connections’. Fifteen questions were posted in our Instagram page by 10:30 am. This was followed by the second round ‘Crossword puzzle’ posted in our page by 10:40 am. Participants were asked to send a snap of their written answers. Winners were finalised based on the number of correct answers.
Many students found this event very interesting and tried their best to find the correct answers.
Our friend Nivethitha of second year E&I anchored the first place. Nikil Venkatesh of second year EEE and Balaji of second year ECE secured second and third places respectively.