A session was conducted on “Women – through the pages” on the 8th of March 2021 through Microsoft Teams. Assmitha R and Subiksha R (18BBT025) were the facilitators for this discussion. About 8-10 club members participated in the discussion. The session opened with the facilitators speaking their views on how women were portrayed in books through ages and then the session was opened for the participants to speak their views and discuss on it. The participants also concentrated on how the rise of feminism and women writers revolutionized the portrayal of women in novels. They also talked about the stereotypes that binds the female characters and the characters that broke them. The session came to an end with a discussion on the aspects that can be changed and improved to create a realistic female character. The whole discussion was summarized before ending the session The group discussion lasted for 45-60 minutes and everyone took turns to express their thoughts. It was interestingly fun and informative.