Hello readers, welcome to another day of reading. In this segment we’ll be seeing about the outline of “Wireless Home Security System”. With the continuous growth in IT and Network it has become more and more possible for us to automate things around us. By combining wireless sensor network(WSN) and GSM technology we can easily secure our home.

What is a wireless home security system?

Wireless home security systems operate through your existing internet signal to create a seamless operation of whole home defence. The components of this system share information through the Wi-Fi and radio signals. Wireless camera are keyed in with RF or radio transmitter.

How does a wireless home security system work?

The video feed is sent to the receiver, which is connected to a built-in storage device. The video is stored in the cloud which allows the footage to be stored and can be accessed remotely.

Structural diagram of the system

Various types of wireless sensors are grouped to monitor the physical and nonphysical activities in the area. To extend the transmission range of the retrieved data repeaters hubs are used. To analyse the acquired data processing units are incorporated.

The acquired data is communicated to a monitoring centre using Radio Frequency (RF) communication which is a type of wireless data transfer techniques.

This system consists of a Data Acquisition Network(DAN) and a Data Distribution Network(DDN). In DAN the data is acquired by the sensor nodes are transmitted to the Basic Station Controller (BSC) using RF channel, which is in turn connected to Management centre using wireless network.

The key factors used in remote security system are

1. Motion detection

2. Remote viewing

3. Cloud storage

• Motion detection

Even the slightest movement in and round the camera is detected by the sensors. Ultrasonic sound waves are emitted by the ultrasonic motion detector which when emitted reflects off objects and bounce back to original emission point.When a moving object disrupts the waves, the sensor triggers and completes the desired action which can either be notifying the user or sounding an alarm.

• Remote viewing

The entire security system can be connected to the users Phone or PC which enables them to ensure what is happening in and around their house.

• Cloud storage:

There might be times where we need the past videos . Hence cloud storage is used to store security footage for safekeeping. Each and every event can be safely accessed via the cloud , which helps in long-term storage.

The advantages and the disadvantages are discussed below:

Advantages :

• Elimination of bulky or unsightly wires.

• Less susceptible to interference or interruption.

• Works even when there is a blackout.


• It is a difficult to setup and is considerably costly.

• High risk of being hacked.

• Significantly slower than a wired network.

• The network can be less stable.