In today’s era, wireless communication is that the apace growing technology.Wireless communication involves transmission and receiver of information without the use of cables or Wires. Wireless technologies have enabled audio to be transmitted from supply to speakers while not cables.

Common audio system consists of,

  • an audio source,
  • a transmitter,
  • a receiver, and
  • an audio reproduction device

A wireless audio transmitter is capable of changing audio signals into wireless signals like Bluetooth signals.The transmitter comprises of  Analog to Digital converters that converts analog audio signals into digital signals.

FM Audio Transmitter :

FM transmitters are useful devices that serve a good type of applications. These devices are connected to the audio output jack of associate audio supply and are able to transmit the audio on vacant FM frequencies. These wireless signals be received by any FM radio.FM transmitters are extremely popular because of their easy use and wide compatibility. The audio quality provided by FM transmitters is restricted compared to alternative technologies . FM transmitters are used to transmit audio from devices like MP3 players, satellite radio receivers , automotive stereos, home theaters, or moveable radios.One of the best advantages of FM transmitters is that the  transmitted audio signal could also be received by an FM radio. As so much because the radios are involved, they are receiving an FM signal just like a normal FM radio station.

Bluetooth Audio Transmitter :

 Bluetooth could be a wireless technology that uses radio signals within the two devices.It uses 2.4GHz band to transfer little amounts of information wirelessly over short distances. Many new mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, MP3 players (etc.), might have already got Bluetooth communication technology in-built. These devices are capable of storing music or audio files, so creating them “audio source devices”. These Bluetooth devices may very well perform functions of our wireless audio chain: the supply and also the transmitter Bluetooth audio receivers are accessible in varied forms. They’ll be devices which may be connected to input jacks on (non-Bluetooth) playback devices like home stereos, amplified speakers or headphones. Alternative times, they’ll be devices that are consolidations of Bluetooth audio receiver and playback device. These are generally stereos, amplified speakers, headphones, radios (etc.) that have integrated Bluetooth audio receivers. Bluetooth is additionally used for mobile or home speakers systems. Since several new audio supply devices (smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, etc.) feature Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth speakers provide a convenient and wide compatible thanks to playback audio while not requiring special (proprietary) adapters, connectors, or arrival mechanisms. this is often one in every of the best strengths of Bluetooth technology with regard to audio. because of the 30ft vary of Bluetooth, audio merchandise victimisation this technology ar generally optimized for single space (close range) environments. As with Bluetooth, there are separate wireless local area network transmitter or receiver adapters which may be connected to external sources or playback devices. As with Bluetooth, there are also separate WiFi transmitter or receiver adapters which can be connected to external sources or playback devices. WiFi audio products follow the same basic signal chain as the other wireless audio technologies. WiFi audio source devices, WiFi audio transmitters, WiFi audio receivers, and WiFi audio playback devices are all available. Generally speaking, WiFi source devices are typically also transmitters. WiFi enabled playback devices (speakers etc.) are typically also receivers.

IR Audio Transmitter :

 Wireless Infrared (IR) communications system is supposed to use free-space propagation of sunshine waves as a transmission medium in close to infrared band. Infrared is the most commonly used wireless data transfer medium for limited range. It’s utilized in audio communications to transfer the audio signal from one place to alternative. This circuit isn’t terribly sensible within the sense that there exists tons of noise and should need some changes to implement it a lot of with efficiency.