HAM radio or Amateur radio is a wireless non commercial communication technique which operates on radio frequency spectrum. As radio waves propagate beyond national boundaries, the usage is strictly monitored and controlled by the nation’s government.

The range of propagation depends upon the frequency of transmission, output power, type of the antenna and propagation conditions. Examinations are conducted to provide license to the HAM enthusiasts. Operators can transmit on frequencies as low as 136 kHz and up to 250 GHz.

Distinctive in a way

Amidst the other wireless communication systems the world has advanced to, what makes a HAM radio still survive in the field of communication? There must be something different and unique that makes HAM radios still prevalent in the field and for it to exist as a popular hobby. HAM radios can be used to talk around the world and across the space without the use of Internet or mobile phones.

Isn’t it fascinating that the world could be connected without the use of internet? This makes it unique from other communicating devices. It stands out as a great advantage at times when internet cuts out.

Functional during catastrophe and calamities. In times of natural calamities and disasters when many of the advanced communication technologies fail, HAM radio brings in attraction. When all other services fail and gets disrupted, radio channels are commonly used to communicate urgent information during emergency. Radio broadcasts or transmissions does not get disrupted at times of such emergency. It is really a easy to use device in death or life situations.

It is a two way communication system that can persist through horrible disasters. This technology cultivates the habit of community service amongst the HAM operators to volunteer in difficult situations.

Not only during such huge disruptions but HAM radios also come in handy in cases of local emergencies. Accidents and damage can be avoided as Ham radios are both effective, fast and reliable.

Most of all Ham radios are considerably cheaper than anyone could think of and when the base ground stations are built effectively, communication can be made between long distances. They are also user-friendly operating devices. It acts as a great service provider to people all over the world. What does a HAM enthusiast gain? HAM radios combine the knowledge of electronics and communication together. Experimenting in HAM radios offers a chance to learn new skills technically and practically. It can be combined with electronic devices and other technologies to transmit data or information over a range of radio frequency.

BETTER than the BEST :

                 Even when the world moves ahead faster and furious with advancing technologies, there is still a ray of light for inventions like ham radios. Like a pencil being effective and cheap to use in space, Ham radios come in useful and handy in many situations. There are still a lot of people out there enjoying their hobby as Ham radio. In fact the number is going up in years!!