– Charles Darwin

Right now I doubt Darwin’s words. We know many people who love their vehicles more than the people around them and I am one among them. Why does a machine which rusts and empty our pockets mean so much to man? Can we believe the reason is because of the people who lived 3000 years ago? Yes, trust my words we have no other go. This tendency to love our vehicles is in our gene.

But what makes men to be so much attached to vehicles than women who are far more emotional than men?  Once we scaled these lands by walking. We had no other option. We coexisted with all the other things that were purposefully created in this world. Many things fascinated man and kindled him to discover newer things. One among those was a strange animal which was very strong and seemed like a grand feast to man. It was a HORSE, not really a wild beast anymore and very rare to see nowadays. Humans are one of the few killer animals that existed and still existing. Man hunted these beasts for meat to an extent where wild horses became extinct. Like in Northern America were large herds galloped now became empty.

To err is human and only after the err human realize the value. Man domesticated Horse and understood that it can be used as a mean of faster transportation and this dated back to 3500 B.C. Men being the physically strong took the risk to ride the beast and as days passed the ride became smooth and both the animals created a bond. The bond grew deep and was respected. There are names of horses engraved to pillars in Rome along with the warriors who were the reason for victory and yes they were the main reason for the birth of many great conquerors. Riding the best horses made man feel powerful and he loved the feel. This in turn brought love towards the animal. Men loved their horses and days passed. Science brought machines replacing horses but one thing was not able to be replaced.


Yes, we still love our bikes and cars. Whether the machine is crappy or old, once you are bonded it holds a special place. A recent study has proven that men are attracted to bikes more because of the power and feel and this is because of the nature passed down to us from our fathers who loved their vehicles more. This type of behavior exhibited is called classical conditioning where irrespective of whether it is a horse or a machine we tend to love it. Since riding has been classified more of a masculine thing and restrictions which made women stay away from the experience of riding created a notion that women are least interested towards vehicles. But only a caged bird wishes to fly more.In the same way women of this era are very much interested towards riding and also fond of vehicles. But ratio is still low. Our genes made this happen.

Written by,   Harish Sundar