We the “YOUTH RED CROSS” club of Kumaraguru institution organised an event “WHO AM I?” to make participants know about the first aid and other basics related to YRC.

The main objective of the event is to let others know about the importance of safety things in life and also to know the objects that safeguard our life in any critical situations.There will be totally 10 questions asked in Google form which are like riddle type questions. Those questions are to be answered by the participants which is conducted on 01/11/2020 from 9am Onwards.The students should answer all 10 questions asked in short span of time (9am-9pm) . And finally, the one who gets most correct answers in the least time compared with others will be announced as the winner.

Here smart and effective thinking is necessary, which helps you to answer the riddles in a short span of time. Smart and effective thinking helps you to generate new ideas through flow,first modify and existing idea within its own context and apply that same idea in different settings.Then you can contruct extensions ,refinements and variations.

“Smart thinking is best way to save time.Thus saving more is a best opportunity to innovate new things in the extra time.”