“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

— Albert Einstein

We know that, for past 20 years technology have seen a rapid growth. Can you able to believe that in 2021 the global technology industries are forecast to reach five trillion!! Yeah, it’s really a good thing not a bad one. At the same time, currently around 650 million people live with disabilities. What effect does technology have in the day-to-day life of differently abled?  Have you ever had this question in your mind? 

If not, I will give a clear-cut idea on technology that will be useful for people with different ability. Don’t just read, do share it with others for a cause of making one’s life easier and more comfortable.

Sesame phone:

Sesame phone is the world’s first touch free smart phone which basically works on the person’s head movement that is captured in the front camera. These movements that are captured and send to the database to analyse based on computer vision algorithm. It can be helpful for people with paralysis or spinal cord injury. It is also assisted with voice controlled which is enabled by just saying “open sesame”.

How does it work?

Dot watch:

The world’s first braille watch. A watch for blind people!! You can’t believe this; it could sound weird but this is the fact. Dot watch was made by Dot incorporation, a start-up in South Korea. Eric Kim CEO of Dot have made possible that, 250 million people who are visually impaired is now able to feel the time whenever they want, especially not depending upon others. It not only helps people to know the time along with that they can receive notifications, texts and read memos without any sound. This enables visually impaired people to receive real time information. A kudos for Dot watch. 

Stair Climbing Power Chairs:

Most of us know people with disability in walking are used to wheel chairs. They can move around using it. But what in the case of stairs? Obviously, they need the help of others to climb up in the stairs. Can you believe that there is a technology that helps people to climb up and down through the stairs independently? Yeah, if you are a person with disability in walking, the thought going on your mind is absolutely right. You can go anywhere without depending upon others. Here is an amazing technology in the form of stair climbing chairs. Don’t get worried with the things like safety. It has a speed control option, automatic detection of beginning and the end of the steps and a dynamic display to display the movements of chair to the user.