HAM Club of Kumaraguru organized an online event called, What if, on 15th and16th August 2020. This event was co-ordinated by Mr. Navin Prasath and Ms. Divyaa Dharshini. The main objective of this event is to check the participant’s communication skills, presenting skills, fluency, confidence in their speech. The participants were given with 10 set of personalities and were asked to choose among them. Based on their choices, situations were given as questions and were asked to respond to the situation from the chosen personality’s point of view.

A google form with a set of personalities was created and circulated through social media on 15/08/2020 9AM. Winners were selected based on the above mentioned criteria. The event was concluded with more than 40 participants by 9 PM on 16/08/2020. The main motive of this event was accomplished by testing the participants communication skills.

The winners of this events are:
Dhitchana K R
Mohammed Aswath M

EVENT LINK: https://rb.gy/za31js