On October 26, 2022, Rotaract Club of Kumaraguru College of Technology organized their first District Priority Project on the name “#Wednesday”.
It falls under the avenue “Building a Responsible Community”.

This is a responsibility driven initiative where useful products will be collected from the college students and the products will be distributed to the needy people every Month. A student should learn responsibility and accountability as early in life as possible.

These abilities will support students’ understanding of decision-making, preparation for it, and interaction with various viewpoints and ideas

They take on the role of change-makers. So, it’s essential to instil responsibility in the hearts of the students.
“Giving is not just about making a decision. It is about making a difference.” Helping people and empowering them will create brighter generations to come.

Around 1500+ Books and Stationery items were collected from the college students and were distributed to Mercy Child Orphanage.