The Department Association of Information Science and Engineering conducted an online event named “Data Visualisation Using tableau” on the 26th of January, 2021. The event was conducted with a vision to impart knowledge of the ever-growing role of big data and semantics in today’s progressive technological world.

The session was handled by Mr. Karthik Veer, Chief Learner of Black Board learning who has over five years of experience in working in the data analytics field. The students were introduced primarily to the ‘why’s of learning data visualization, the importance it holds in reaching out to the customers who want their problems solved, and in building a perfect business model out of the analyzed data.

Poster of the webinar on Tableau

Further on, the session witnessed a rapid progression into the details of where Tableau, as a tool is being used, the nuances of handling it ad how efficiently it can be used to represent solutions and insights obtained. Various samples were sorted out and explained interactively in the session.

The session had almost 40 participants who were seen actively interacting and engaging in the entire session that lasted for about an hour. The session concluded with some queries being cleared by the session speaker and altogether it proved to be a wholesome, learning experience.

Enjoy learning!


Department Association of Information Science and Engineering