The Aeromodelling Club of KCT conducted this webinar. The speaker is Mr. Ragupathi, Mentor of Aeromodellers KCT, Final year Aeronautical engineering. On account of Engineers day on 15th September 2020, Tuesday, this webinar was conducted at 12:45 pm onwards through Google Meet.


                       This webinar dealt with all the basic things that you want to know about RC plane. Mr. Ragupathi talked about the theory behind operation of RC plane.


                        The organizers were Mr. Sivaguru, 3rd year Aeronautical engineering and Mr. Jeeva, 2nd year Aeronautical engineering. Google forms were created for registration. The topic was chosen as per the interest of the second-year students. Posters were made by Mr. Sivaguru and Mr. Syed Masood,3rd year Aeronautical engineering.


                         There was 30+ Registrations and 25+ active participants were participated in the Webinar session.


                         Posters were created and shared on social platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.


                       RC Plane design was new to the upcoming second years. Many were engaged with keen observation in the session. It was really a wonderful session to develop them technically and to improve their skills in Aeronautical engineering. It built curiosity to know more about RC Plane and to take part in competitions in future.


        This Webinar was the base platform for RC plane design for all the incoming second year students. Overall, this webinar was very useful and informative for the participants to help shape their career.