Imagine what happens when books start to talk to each other , there would be no more greater wisdom than that ! Books and beyond, is a place of various minds that have traveled through various pages and venerate the habit of reading . It has been one year since we began to permeate the joy of reading in everyone. Commemorating the one year, we celebrated the anniversary week from 25th of October with a variety of vibrant virtual events.
” A BOOK IS A GIFT YOU CAN OPEN AGAIN AND AGAIN ” . A gift can be cherished only when the importance is comprehended. And we books and beyond presented the webinar ” Importance of reading ” by Dr. S.Sreejana, associate professor of English, Kumaraguru institutions. She is an avid reader and more of a fanatic writer, who herself has authored a book “Engineer’s Enigma: English – Inspecting an Impediment for Excellence”. She is a diligent person and has been of a great support and warmth to the books and beyond family. An intimate circle of 25 people who were greatly interested in reading participated and befitted from the session

We thank Dr.S.Sreejana for this splendid session. Her words made everyone taste the flavor of reading. As someone said,
” And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. ” And We wish great beginnings and to indulge in the euphoria of reading !