We the Department of mechatronics organised a WEBINAR on HIGHER STUDIES OPPORTUNITIES ABROAD to guide and to clear the doubts of the students, who are interested in doing higher studies in Abroad.

Higher Studies Opportunities Abroad:
The main objective of the event is to give proper guidance to the students regarding the Higher studies opportunities in Abroad and the preparation methods that are to be done in-order to get placed in well reputed universities in abroad.

List of happenings in the event:

  • The session began with acknowledging the benefits of pursuing higher studies in abroad and briefed the life history of successful person, Mr.Santhosh, Director, IMS who had done his higher studies in other countries.
  • The chief guest explained about, how to choose between MS or MBA and benefits of each program.
  • The reason to do MBA or MIM were explained in efficient manner.
  • The information about exam pattern, the method of choosing countries for studies were clarified in the session.
  • The list of top universities in each country were given.
  • The information of scholarships and financial aid were given.
  • The eligibility and exam patterns for entering into universities were discussed.
  • Finally, the webinar ended with Q and A session, in which participants asked their doubts and clarified it.

Some of the questions that were discussed:

  1. Why should one do MS?
  • The curriculum for MS program is best in the whole world.
  • It consists of benefits such as research work, best lab facilities, expert faculties.
  • The annual income for the person, who has done MS in abroad is very high.
  • The pear group standard will be high.
  1. What are the reasons behind doing MBA or MIM?
  • MBA helps to shape your career
  • It gives a transition from roles limited by primary degree like BE, Btech.
  • It is financial rewarding program.
  • MBA develops future leaders, CEO and Entrepreneurs.
  • It’s the foundation for leadership roles.
  • It increases your personal value, ability and reach.
  1. What are the best countries to be chosen for higher studies?
  • USA
  • UK, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland
  • Australia, New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  1. What should not stop you from doing MS in Abroad?
  • Money
  • Knowledge, awareness
  • Family background
  • Fear of failure
  • Society
  1. What do universities look at?
  • Academic skills (7.5 and above – good CGPA)
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Paper presentation
  • Mini projects, projects
  • Participation in Technical symposiums etc.
  • GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores.

The event gave an insight into the eligibility criteria, exam pattern, way of choosing universities and countries to study, scholarship opportunities and lot more. The session was very informative and useful for the students and it cleared all the doubts regarding Higher Studies in abroad. It indeed gave students the opportunity to study GRE, TOEFL etc in IMS institute, which is one of the well reputed institutes. It even gave a clear idea about MS and MBA studies.

The event was conducted through Google meet from 4.30 PM – 5.30 PM on 12/11/2020. From this event many students got to know about the proper method to get admission in universities in Abroad. The chief guest of the event was MR. SANTHOSH, Director, IMS.

Event Co-ordinaters:

  • Harishankar
  • Mayukha

Event content creation: S.Mayukha (3rd Year MCE)