We, The Department of Mechatronics organised the WEBINAR ON SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT to guide the innovative minds to step their feet in Social Entrepreneurship.


The main objective of the event is to give guidance to the people who are really interested in following the path of Social Entrepreneurship and curious in bringing about a change in the society.


  • The webinar began with the introduction of Ms. Nupur Agarwal, who is the young Social Entrepreneur, founder of EVOLVE Foundation and KIWI Kisan Window and the Youth Ambassador of Dehradun.
  • There happened the Interview Session between the moderator and the Chief Guest.
  • Questions collected from the participants during the registration and the questions posted in the chatbox were answered by Ms. Nupur Agarwal.

Some of the questions that were discussed are listed below:

1.    How entrepreneurship plays a major role in Sustainable Development?

Whenever we take something from nature, we need to give them back in some other way . But we fail to do so. Once the ‘give and take policy’ succeeds, it attains a sustainable Environment.

Likewise, bring sustainability in yourself and take it to the Entrepreneurship. As Gandhiji said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Prior to everything, be the better human being. Once you become so, you will be more sensible and a little more conscious. You will start to see problems with solutions in your mind. Then, you would be able to convert that solution to an entrepreneurial idea.    

2.     What is the role of an engineer for Sustainable Development or how technology helps in sustainable development?

Technology helped us to scale the idea and to reach out to millions of people in a short time. It brought the end to an unorganised system. Technology helped us to match the Demand and Supply. It led a way to implement ideas in such a way that every stack holder in that supply chain gained profit out of it.

3.    Do you think that the sustainable development goals achieve their purpose before the expected time? (to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030)

2030 is too far. Start acting on goals by now. We can achieve that soon. Nothing is impossible. When there is more time, there arises a leniency in working.

4.    What is the Impact of sustainable entrepreneurship in national income?

There is only a thin line between Capitalist Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship. The trend is changing now-a-days. Everybody is running behind organic food, healthcare, wellness, travel and rural tourism. All are trying to get adapted to the environment.

So, the future may depend on Social Entrepreneurship. There will arise the eco-friendly value addition to GDP.

5.    Smart City / Smart Village. Which plays a major role in the development of the nation?

Smart Villages. 70% of India has rural background. India lies in the eternity of villages. “There are cities because there are villages”. The aim of life is Healthy living. The ultimate source is food and the farmers. Once the village gets developed, the nation will be developed automatically.


Social Entrepreneurship will succeed when you keep people, planet and profit together. There is no ‘Planet B’ in the universe. We have only one Planet. When we continuously exploit the planet, we would need all the other 7½ planets by 2025. So, work for the welfare of the people and the planet.  The webinar was very informative and useful and cleared all the doubts regarding entrepreneurship. It indeed gave the insights of sustainable development.

The event was conducted through Google Meet from 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm on 07/11/2020 with nearly 65 participants. The chief guest of the webinar is Ms. Nupur Agarwal, who is the young Social Entrepreneur, founder of EVOLVE Foundation and KIWI Kisan Window and the Youth Ambassador of Dehradun.


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CONTENT CREATION : S.Abinaya (3rd Year MCE)