The Department of Mechatronics Engineering and Varnam Club organised a Webinar “Kreative Kirukkals”.The session was handled by Mr.Rajesh, Chief Sub-Editor, The HINDU , Madurai.

Objective : 

          The main objective of this event is to interact with an renowned artist, sharing ideas about pencil sketching and on screen and tools adaptation and how to make their passion for art as a career.

List of happenings in the event:

  • The discussion began with the Welcome Address by Raghul Senthil and introduction of the chief guest Mr.Rajesh and then the session was handed over to the speaker for demonstration.
  • Several paintings of the speaker related to concept illustration,realism painiting,caricature and abstract painting were explained by him and the participants clarified their doubts regarding those paintings.
  • Live demonstration of painting a bubble and abstract painting were also made by the speaker. 
  • Questions were raised by the participants to clarify the doubts.

Concept Illustration and Caricature:

                                First of all, he explained what is caricature and concept illustration. Caricature is a picture or description of somebody that makes his/her appearance or behavior funnier and more extreme that it really is. He showed various examples for caricature like political genre, daily happenings etc. Next is Concept Illustration. Concept Illustration is a complex and multifaceted problem-solving, professional endeavor that involves idea development through methods like drawing, 2D design principles, cultural references and stylistic choices positioned in context to the audience. As an example for this, he explained a painting depicting the high price of Idli in  Apollo Hospitals. He also gave tips to the students about Caricature. It is appreciated if we find a figure or outline of a thing inside another object we actually see.


 Realism Painting:

                           It is the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully, without artificiality and avoiding speculative fiction and supernatural elements. For this he showed one of his realism painting depicting an oldman blowing out soap bubbles. The lightings were awesome. He showed the step by step completion of the painting. The various stages of that painting were easy for the students to understand the tedious process behind the painting.

Abstract Painting:

                        Abstract art does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. He explained that the mere brush strokes of renowned artists were the main reasons for the high value of those paintings. He also demonstrated it by showing us various brush strokes and small figures using those strokes. More precise the strokes, more value for the paintings.

Questions and Answers Session:

                        Several questions were raised by the participants and they were clarified by the speaker. Some of them are:

1.How do you get the idea for the caricature and concept illustration?

                                      Whenever you look at some objects when you walk by a road, try to find another object within the body of the original object you are looking at. So that you can make a figure out of another figure and it looks creative.

2.How do you view the technology development in art (from crayons to cursor)?

                                      The main difference and advantage of digital painting is it is easily changeable. The desired color can be changed in a minute in digital painting. But the work load in both cases are the same.

3.Your paintings resemble photos. So it is easy to use photos directly . Then why should we choose paintings?

                                      The main reason behind paintings is size correction. For example, if u want enlarge a passport size photo of yours, it is possible through various applications. But the pixels break.But in painting the sharpness and ratio of the potrait will be conserved though the size is enlarged.

4.What is the duration you need for a painting?

                                      The duration depends on your capacity. The more detail you give to your painting, the more duration it takes to complete. It took me 10 days to finish a painting with high details.

5.How much you get paid for your paintings?

                                      The payment depends on the duration you need to finish the painting with good details. If the customer gets satisfied with your work, you can demand the reasonable rate for your work. I charge 15000 to 20000 for a potrait with high details. I get 2 to 3 potrait orders daily. I spend 10% of my income to buy the necessary equipment for my paintings.


The event gave an insight into the Art sector along with the opportunities available in it. It was a vibrant session and the speaker was really friendly and humorous and easy to approach. He also promised to give a visit to the college and give a live demo of paintings. It indeed gave students the opportunity to raise their questions and clear their doubt regarding technology development in art.

The event was conducted via Google Meet from 05:00 PM– 6:30 PM on 26/12/2020. More than 40 participants from various colleges attend the webinar. The chief guests of the event was Mr. Rajesh, Chief Sub-Editor, The HINDU, Madurai. The session winded with vote of thanks by Anunitha from Team Varnam.

Coordinators : Shiva Padmanaban, Deena, Abishek