The objective of the event is to bring out the innovative and creative skills among the participants.


Varnam Club of Kumaraguru College of Technology  conducted a fascinating event called “Wealth Out of Waste”-as its name suggests, the participants were asked to create crafts from the old waste things. The participants were given five solid days from 15th May to 20th May to send their creative craft works. Around 20 participants took part in the event very enthusiastically. Moreover, very beautiful and useful things were made from waste items like paper, eggshells, cardboard, coconut shells etc. It was an opportunity for the students to showcase their creative talents even from waste material which we normally discard them. Hence the winners were decided based on their creativity.


Around 20 students from KCT participated in this event and exhibited their creative crafts.


This fun-filled event ignited the participants’ artistic potential. Also, the winner got the chance to win cash vouchers.

Written by Shree Anunitha, Team Varnam