The stimulus for this article is a movie which had won many hearts and Oscars as well. It is no other than my favorite “GRAVITY”.

You might have had many queries regarding how that movie correlates with water. In that movie there will be a quench for gravity and without it, life wouldn’t be possible. We can say that man hasn’t evolved but has been constantly mutating since years.

The movie “Gravity” describes the struggle of a woman who got stuck in space, due to the damages caused by the space dust and it explains how she escaped from the lonely space into gravity. On seeing the movie I understood that, there always will be hope to come up in one’s ticklish life. A scene in the movie depicted her crying in the lonely space, the water from her eyes just floated as droplets in the space due to lack of gravity. This made my thoughts flow across galaxies to find how water exists in outer space and eventually got a way for my inspiration towards this article.

Water and Gravity-1We might have several doubts regarding whether water freezes or boils in the outer space.

Since the space is very cold unless we are near the sun or something tolerably hot, the temperature due to the Cosmic Microwave Background (comes from the leftover glow from the big bang) is about 2.7 Kelvin, which is sufficient to freeze the hydrogen atoms, so it seems like freezing.

You might also wonder if water actually boils there; since, we know that water boils at low temperatures in high altitudes and less atmospheric presence above us influencing the pressure to be low. I’m pretty sure, that your doubts have increased.


Let us consider an example, if we put liquid water in vacuum chamber and suddenly evacuate the chamber, it boils more violently. This is because water requires certain range of both pressure and temperature to maintain in the liquid state. Thus taking water into outer space means freezing and boiling the water simultaneously, we can bring water into outer space where it can be kept in Earth like conditions under certain temperature and pressure says International Space Station (ISS).

Furthermore, there are several proofs for the existence of water clouds in the outer space around a black hole, 12 billion light years away which contains enough water to supply each individual in earth 20,000 times that all our water bodies can provide. One water cloud can supply 140 trillion planets that are just as wet as Earth is. The new cloud is enough to supply 28 galaxies with water says NASA. Thus with the advancements of science, we are unlocking the secrets of nature. We found water in mars, and in Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. We also found water hidden behind the icebergs of polar craters of our moon.

Wondering how astronauts survive in outer space with this critical water? Typically, it is expensive for the astronauts to take more water with them for their survival. So they use water management system that extracts every last drop of water that comes from people’s breath, recycled shower water, residue from hand washing, sweat and even urine. It’s purer than the fresh water we drink on Earth. Besides recycled water, ISS like Zarya (Russian) contains some water containers that were brought to the shuttle during assembly missions.

Water your mind. The doors of nature are always open for perfect keys. Start questioning start exploring.