As it is 2020 and we are thriving despite the pandemic, NCC OF KCT decided to conduct online events to keep our brains engaged as “REST IS EQUIVALENT TO RUST”. The event conducted is named as WAR OF WORDS, which is a virtual group discussion open to all the colleges. There were 20 participants from 10+ institutions, along with two judges Mr Sivakumar sir(HoD, Department of AutomobileEngineering, KCT) and Dr Manjula Bashini mam (Associate Professor, Department of English, KCLAS). ANO Lt A.R. Arul sir, Lt M Catherine Daisy mam, C/T N Vinoth Kumar sir and Cadets of NCC of KCT also attended the event. The event started by welcoming the chief guests, ANOs, participants, seniors and co cadets. The master of ceremonies was done by F/C Ezhil Eesha V. The welcome address was given by Cdt Akanksha Tiwari. After which the judges were asked to talk about rules and regulations of the event.
The participants of the event were divided into two Panels. Panel A and Panel B carrying 10 participants. Panel A was judged by Mr. Sivakumar sir whereas Panel B was judged by Dr Manjula mam. Both the Panels where given the same topic as “Does social media kill creative thinking?” After giving 3 minutes time for preparation, both the Panels were given 20 minutes to keep their point one by one. After coming to closure of the discussion, top three speakers were chosen for final round by judges. Top three participants from both the Panels were given topic as “Hard work vs Smart work”. After giving 3 minutes time for preparation, the participants were given 15 minutes to keep their perspectives in front of judges. They were judged by both the judges. As group discussion consists of four main judging part specifically known as content, group dynamics, communication skills and judgement skills. The judges found participant Arun M, Murugesh P and Aishwarya S as best out of all speakers; they were announced as best three speakers.

The event came to an end by vote of thanks given by CDT Akanksha Tiwari, thanking all the participants to have such an active rush of strength, judges to give their valuable criticism, ANOs to give wonderful opportunity to conduct the event, seniors to guide us and co cadets to support us. The participants were also asked to give their feedback through feedback form. The event was successfully held and the participants and judges had a great time and experience.