The ballot is stronger than the bullet”

–  Abraham Lincoln

We the NSS on account to celebrate the National Voter’s Day (25th January) and the Republic Day (26th January), have come up with event named – V Poll.

This event happened from 24-01-2022 to 27-01-2022 for four days. With the idea to educate people through practical approach, we designed to teach voting procedures and election stages through an activity which is a model election.

Earlier we asked participants to suggest the nominees of the election similar to nomination of candidates in election. The best of things that could be described in Tamil Nadu in terms of culture, heritage, emotions were suggested one. With the help of MS Forms, we were able to record the response of the votes. The votes will determine the winner of the election for which the theme of election is identity of Tamil Nadu.

We had 11 contestants and Chennai Super Kings came out on top as winner of the election. Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar temple came out on top others as runners. Each and every competitor are the best in their own way. We conduct this event to check the popularity and favourite among the best of the best. Through this event, the participants were able to know many things about voting procedure and experience like a real voting. Overall, we had 200+ participants for this event.

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