We Rotaract Club of KCT organised a professional event titled “Turn the corner”. For the event, we invited Dhiksha Mohan, final year student pursuing EEE in KCT to make the participants aware about building a resume. This event happened on Saturday, 23 October 2021 at 6:00 pm. The event took place in MS Teams and it started with complete enthusiasm .

In this webinar, the speaker explained about the resume very clearly like it’s format , what we have to do in our resume to make it unique from other’s resume, mandatory details should be added in our resume. The speaker shared her resume for demo and explained each and every part of it, which was a great one.

As we all know that resume is mandatory to jump into a job, the speaker added that false statement shouldn’t be in our resume. She also added that any false statement about us in the resume will lead to a bad impression. The speaker also suggested some websites where we can make our resume easily and she also did demo for us on many websites. That was the highlighted part of this webinar.

Overall the webinar was informative and we learned many things. The event successfully held with good responses from participants.