Turn on delight is a two days event happened in Instagram where we provided quiz to find out their emotion, journal to overcome emptiness feel and a video podcast about reasons for emptiness This event is to create awareness about emptiness feeling and emotion.

Day 1 of quiz is about reviewing  past week emotional experience , level of stress people undergo and how those emotions affect their daily life situations.  And a journaling emotions task is to note down the past week emotions and feelings and coloring the template where color therapy happens to overcome their stress in life.

In the same journaling task where the person would analysis what causes these emotions,  how to over come these stressful problems, and practicing gratefulness. Journal therapy plays a vital role in recreating ones life by noting down their emotions to the certain period .

Sometimes most of us feel lost ,confused , low at a certain point of life without any proper reasons – and that’s called Emptiness . This is a detailed podcast where we gave tips like journaling thoughts , spend quality time with people ,create new friends etc., to overcome emptiness .

Emptiness what we feel sometimes will create a good life to us , which enhances our skills , finds out our passion &dreams . This is the ultimate way to see emptiness in a positive way. Emptiness feel is present in and inside us ,we should notice the symptoms, activities and give this a proper care , if its untreated it causes many problem emotionally . These are the key takeaway in the podcast .