National Road Safety Week in India is organized every January by the National Safety Council of India (NSC). The NSC is an autonomous body set up by the Indian government to engage the public on safety, health and environment issues. Road safety is a major public health concern for authorities in India, with more than 139,000 road deaths in 2012. Casualties in India account for about 10% of road deaths worldwide. India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways encourages regional governments to take the lead on Road Safety Week initiatives and provides a list of suggested activities to promote road safety in their region. The Ministry allocates a budget to each state to help them organize these activities and engage the public.
This year, it is the 32nd Road Safety Week and the theme is “Safe yourself to save your family”.
It is essential for students to be aware about the rules and regulations of road safety and the issues due to negligence of such rules. This awareness will be helpful in encouraging the students to come up with new solutions for the existing problems. So, we the Road safety patrol of Kumaraguru college of technology conducted a four-day virtual event (from 13th-16th January 2021) celebrating the road safety week.
The first event was Connect-x-on. This was a live connection game held on the platform Google meet. A set of images were displayed on the screen. The students had to find a connection between the images and come up with a word that portrayed this connection. On finding the word, the student had to type it in the chat box. The first person to type the answer had to unmute the mike and give an explanation to the answer. The winners of this event were Dhrishya and Averin. Iswarya was awarded the best performer.
The second event was QUIZOD. It was a quiz event held on the platform Kahoot. This game was all about the timing. There was a total of 10 questions and 10 seconds were allotted for each question. The winners of this event were Amrith Gowtham and Nivetha. Varsha was awarded the best performer.
The third event was Dit for Dat. In this event a poll was posted on the official Instagram page of the road safety patrol club. It was a self-analysis test to realize how aware a person is about the road safety rules.

The fourth event was Quizeo. This event was all about imagining yourself in emergency situations and coming up with wise and quick solutions. There were also questions regarding the signs present on the roads in order to prevent accidents. The winners of this event were Nikhil Venkatesh and Iswarya. Abinaya was awarded the best performer.
 All these events were conducted to highlight the need for strong leadership for road safety. As students, employees, volunteers and concerned citizens, we can all play a role in engaging with others to advocate for safer roads only when we all are aware of the rules revolving around road safety. In conclusion creating awareness is the first and the most crucial step in creating a safer road travel experience.