The seventh edition of the event tug of words happened on 20th January 2022. This time the material was “Sita, Warrior of Mithila”- chapter 26, section 1(ram trilogy by Amish). The links to the material and the meeting was shared prior to the event date so that the participants would get enough time to read and reflect their ideas on the material. Posters were created and shared through Instagram and other social media. The event started at 4:00 pm. The event happened on the MS teams platform. Participants joined and discussed their views about the material. There were many different and unique perspectives. The language, writing and its relevance to the current social scenarios were answered. The mythical setting, the characters and how they varied over different versions of the stories presented them were discussed. Also how this genre is important in the modern genre and its thematic and psychological richness was appreciated.  The core themes revolved around the management of the society and ways to rule them efficiently. The participants debated over which would be the best way to apply this to the socio-political situation of the future generations so that the management tactics of the decision making bodies of the government can be improved. The material also speaks about casteism and its ill effects. The participants shared their perspectives about the evil system which uses its clutches to target and attack the whole economy of different communities over the world. Many new ideas were given on how to tackle this problem and how, when and where this solution should be operated. This session had a lot of active interactive intellectual participation which made the conversation important to everyone. Similar books, poems and sayings which echo the views were also quoted. The event concluded by 5:30 pm.