Tug of Words Chapter 4 was held on the 23rd of October,5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The story’s primary focus was on the trepidation that soldiers felt when undercover or on the battlefield. The story “A Horseman in the sky” delved all our readers into hostile territory where we find a soldier in a predicament where the enemy is his father. Our readers had varied views and commiserative views on what they’d have done in this scenario. Furthermore, the discussion also helped oneself to gain a view on the Confederate and Union stand which seems to be prevailing although suppressed in recent times. The obligation to serve under one flag and duty with the volition to lay down lives is truly remarkable as proven by the protagonists’ determination to ensure the camp’s safety. At last, we are exposed to reality …..

A quest for peace, won through war?

Isn’t this the most ironic of all?