“ Clear vision holds the key” – M.J.Colewood
The new normal of this quarantine life is moving a way ahead than ever thought and to make this quarantine more interesting we have to indulge ourselves in fun filled and informative activities.

Thus, We The ROTARACT CLUB OF KUMARAGURU COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY come up with an online treasure hunt event that proved to be one.there is a saying that “Often the treasure remains hidden inside the few pages of life”.Here they are hidden in some folders of Google drive !!

Online treasure hunt is an online event conducted on 16TH of July via our instagram page ,which poses a series of questions in the Google drive folder as challenges to the participants. When the participant solves each and every question in the series of folders , they will reach the final destination where there is a treasure. Every question challenges the participant to find the hidden word from the given clue. The navigation through these questions would really become easy ,when the participants finds the words quickly.This event also makes sure that the participant is en-thrilled throughout.

This online event had around 150 + participants in the very start of the event and overall of 275+ participants at the end. We have also had overwhelming feedbacks from our participants.
The first participant to finish all the questions in the shortest duration of time is announced as the winner of this event.

Finding the sherlock in you !
Quenching the thirst of your inner detective !!

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something new and fun.”
This event helps the participants to brush up their brains ,as well as have fun!!