Positive emotions are so much more subtle than negative emotions. This means, negative emotions, kind of scream at you, and positive emotions are just a little whisper sometimes. This is the tricky asymmetry between the positive and the negative which is part of life and it is key to understand positive psychology because negativity creep to the extent of blinding us to the opportunities of experiencing positive emotions. 


Joy is an emotion that is triggered when we feel safe, familiar with the environment and we have good progress. When we are joyous, then we feel playful and the outcome of joy helps us to acquire new skills


It’s an emotion which is different from Joy. When we experience the goodness of someone and benefit out of their gesture and makes us feel good, this emotion adds to our joy and it becomes gratitude. This emotion gives the tendency to be creative. It will also lead to social bonding & skills for loving others


Interest is one of the positive emotion but many do not consider it a positive emotion because it is quite common among others. When we are safe, then we start to focus on other things. So we start to explore new things. As a result we gain knowledge and gives more energy to explore more


Hope is a wonderful positive emotion which arises due to fear of the worst situation looking for the best which pulls us to think inventive.


This positive emotion will arise when we achieve socially or in a public environment which will make us to dream big. This positive emotion will result in achieving more in future


This positive emotion will arise at the situation when we see the human excellence which inspires us to be excellent in our work. This will result in gaining skills & morality


This is the best and the most frequent positive emotion which people experience that has the tendency to be joyful, playful, explore new things, dream the best so on. This will result in creating trust and bond with people and improves health.